The lectures are available for viewing

The lectures are available for viewing

The lectures are available for viewing

30/11 2023


The International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) is pleased to announce that the online public lectures held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Prof. Vladimir A. LIVSHITS (1923 – 2017) are now available for watching in Russian and English at the following link.


The lectures brought together world-renowned experts in the field of Sogdian culture and documentary heritage and aimed at spotlighting the progress in reading and understanding of Sogdian epigraphic and secular texts across Central Asia and beyond.

Lecture 1 (September 15th): Nicholas SIMS-WILLIAMS, Fellow of the British Academy “The Discovery of Sogdian”  (in English) (in Russian)


Lecture 2 (September 22nd): Frantz GRENET, Membre de l’Académie des Inscriptions et Belles-Lettres. “Dewashtich’s postal system” (in English) (in Russian)


Lecture 3 (September 29th): Yutaka YOSHIDA, Kyōto University, Professor Emeritus “Three Sogdian Inscriptions from Mongolia” (in English) (in Russian)


Lecture 4 (October 6th): Pavel LURJE, Head of the section for Central Asia and Caucasus, State Hermitage Museum “New data on Turko-Sogdian monumental inscriptions from Kyrgyzstan” (in English) (in Russian)


The lecture series was arranged in the framework of the Silk Road Memory of the World (MoW) joint research project through the generous support of the International Center for Documentary Heritage (ICDH) under the auspices of UNESCO.