The Mausoleum of Jochi Khan: The History of Research

The Mausoleum of Jochi Khan: The History of Research

The Mausoleum of Jochi Khan: The History of Research

20/02 2024


The International Institute of Central Asian Studies (ICAS) presents a collective monograph “The Mausoleum of Jochi Khan: The History of Research”, written by an international team of authors including E.R. Usmanova, K.Z. Uskenbay, M.B. Kozha, I.P. Panyushkina.

The monograph presents a comprehensive analysis of the study of the Jochi Khan mausoleum (Ulytau region, Republic of Kazakhstan) of the Golden Horde era. The publication consists of four chapters and six appendices.

The book analyzes the biography of Jochi, based on resources and modern historiography, shows his role and place as a military leader in the Mongol Empire, examines issues related to the history of the discovery and dating of the mausoleum of Jochi Khan, with its archaeological and historical-architectural study, stages of restoration; and provides information about the mausoleum of Jochi Khan from late medieval Muslim writings and Russian sources of the 18th - 20th (first quarter) centuries.

Moreover, based on the methods of semiotic analysis, an interpretation of the burial goods from archaeological excavations of the mausoleum burials is proposed, and ritual and symbolic characteristics are given. One of the chapters is devoted to the chronology of the mausoleum and the formation of the historical and cultural significance of the Jochi Khan mausoleum in the history of the Jochi Ulus.

The publication is enriched with illustrative materials and is intended for historians, social scientists and anyone interested in the culture and historical past of Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

PDF-copy of the book can be downloaded for free from the following link: