Calligraphy along the Silk Road

Calligraphy along the Silk Road

Calligraphy along the Silk Road

09/02 2024


As part of a series of grant projects scheduled for 2024 and 2025, IICAS is preparing the publication «Calligraphy along the Silk Road» by Lutfiya Mirzaeva, director of the Umrboqiy Meros (Living Heritage) Centre for Propaganda of Culture and Art in Uzbekistan.

The book Calligraphy along the Silk Road is relevant and topical for our time; it will help to reveal the richness and versatility of the cultures of the Silk Road through an artistic interpretation of calligraphic traditions that were developed in the neighbouring countries and regions along this trade route. The book visually demonstrates the calligraphic techniques and features in different cultures and generalises and combines them into a single compositional style.

This project has great cultural, historical and artistic potential, as it allows us to reveal the richness and uniqueness of the cultures on the Silk Road through interpretation of calligraphic traditions.

The book will appeal not only to calligraphy lovers, but also those interested in the history, culture and heritage of the Silk Road in connection with the global problems of our time. It currently demonstrates the best example of calligraphy along the Silk Road, providing extensive analysis of style and history.

The publication is expected to be finalized in late 2024.