35th Bulletin of IICAS

35th Bulletin of IICAS

35th Bulletin of IICAS

19/08 2023


The regular 35th Bulletin of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies has been published. This is the only scientific periodical in the region that brings together authors and readers from different countries archaeologists, architectural historians, ethnographers, art historians, linguists, culturologists and other specialists. The Bulletin of IICAS is a supranational journal, not biased by any political or ideological interests and free from censorship pressure. The only criteria for selecting materials are their scientific consistency and originality.

The journal shows thematic diversity, publishes materials on the entire spectrum of the humanities within the geographical boundaries of Central Asia without any chronological restrictions ranging from the Stone Age to the most pressing issues of contemporary culture. The 35th issue contains articles dedicated to metallurgy in the Transoxiana in the Bronze Age (by D. Ruzanov), the problem of the Eilatan culture of ancient Ferghana (by B. Abdullayev), new sites of the Early Iron Age in the upper reaches of the Sherabad-Daria (by R. Suleimanov, A. Mukhamadiev and H. Oinazarov). Articles by M. Dickens and V. Kolchenko describe the medieval Christian tombstones from Krasnaya Rechka and the location of the Christian metropolis of Bishop Navakat. D. Miloserdov published an article about the features of decorating weapons in the khanates of Central Asia in the late 18th - early 20th centuries. E. Gul writes about embroidered carpets in Uzbekistan.

The “Issues of historiography” section publishes a critical analysis of the monograph “The Bukhara school of architecture of the 15th - 17th centuries.” by M. Abbasova-Yusupova and data on the history of the Shia-Sunni conflicts in the Bukhara Emirate. In the “Name in Science” section, the reader will find an autobiographical essay by Elena Nerazik, a veteran of the Khorezm expedition, and Viktor Pilipko’s memoirs on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of Academician Boris Litvinsky. The release is completed by T. Mkrtychev's notes on the exhibition of father and son Falkov in the Nukus Museum and a review of the collection “Photographing Central Asia: From the Periphery of the Russian Empire to Global Presence”, recently published in Berlin.

35th Bulletin of IICAS can be downloaded at the following links:

Russian version https://cloud.mail.ru/public/TnTk/wxSJ9XMjs

English version https://cloud.mail.ru/public/EZjL/NQRaomQiY