Visit from DUALEST S.A.S. Groupe and Salisbury Archéologie

Visit from DUALEST S.A.S. Groupe and Salisbury Archéologie

Visit from DUALEST S.A.S. Groupe and Salisbury Archéologie

01/01 1970


On the 29 April, 2023, Mr. Guillaume Dubuis, the founder of DUALEST S.A.S. Groupe, Ms. Sophie Lafranchi, Director for Development, and Pascal Rieunier, Director General of Salisbury Archéologie paid an official visit to the Headquarters of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS).

Special focus in the course of the conversation was made to the museum operations, building capacity and overall improvement of professional practices and approaches in Uzbekistan and Central Asia. The need for appropriate treatment of incredibly valuable artefacts, their presentation and interpretation and improved visitor experience are essential and the demand for such an advancement is ever increasing. 

Dr. Voyakin and Mr. Feyzulayev made a short overview of the most relevant regional activities, where the highlight was made on the use of modern technologies and in particular digitization of artefacts, arrangement of archaeological parks, which has been in the focus of academic community and authorities in the past years. Relevant initiatives of the IICAS’ partner institutions were mentioned as well. One of the most notable achievements was the launch of a 1-year Master program on Museum Studies by the “Silk Road” International University of Tourism and Cultural Heritage in 2021.

The parties agreed that further coordination is needed to open a wider discussion with experts and practitioners, museum administrations and authorities.

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