Grant project of IICAS

Grant project of IICAS

Grant project of IICAS

24/03 2021

Intercultural Communications between Central Asian Countries and Iran according to Cultural Elite’s Views: Barriers and the Solutions

Communication is the foundation of culture and collective life, encompassing all forms of human relations. Despite the many historical and cultural ties between the Central Asian countries and Iran that should facilitate intercultural communication, much evidence suggests that their relationship is overshadowed by certain constraints. The International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) in cooperation with Iranian partners, within the framework of an innovative project, are posing an important question: 

Why, despite the ancient socio-cultural ties, intercultural communication does not meet the level of expectations?

The main goal of the project is to study the limitations, barriers and search for solutions to preserve and maintain the sustainability of intercultural communication between the countries of Central Asia and Iran. Reasonable answers to this question can be provided by an analysis of the views of the cultural elites of the regions.

The project will study the current situation, obstacles to intercultural communication and ways to resolve them.

The project will create a valuable socio-cultural database for further research in interregional and interdisciplinary fields. Besides, it will serve as a catalyst for the development of intercultural ties between the countries of Central Asia and Iran, be it interpersonal or intergroup, verbal or non-verbal, commercial, scientific or aesthetic, will strengthen social ties, friendship, cooperation, understanding and peaceful coexistence between communities.

The outcome of this joint effort will be presented in the form of a publication.