The International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS) is pleased to announce that the following grant applications for the years 2022-2023 have been selected by the members of the Academic Council and approved at the 15th Session of the General Assembly of the Institute held in Tashkent on December 10, 2021:

1.               Central Asian Paleontological Heritage: Silk Road Dinosaurs - Slovak-Uzbek Research Program (“Research” category);

2.               Seljuk ceramics (on materials of Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan) (“Research” category)

3.               Ancient Korea in Arabic and Persian manuscripts ("Publications" category);

4.               Development of practical guidelines for the documentation of historical and cultural heritage sites using advanced technologies on the example of monuments of Central Asia ("Publications" category);

5.               Publication in hard copy of Religions of Central Asia and Azerbaijan (Buddhism, Christianity) in English ("Publications" category);

6.               Translation (from English to Russian, from Russian to English) of five volumes of series "Religions of Central Asia and Azerbaijan" and monograph "Ancient Korea in Arabic and Persian Manuscripts" ("Publication" category);

7.               Medieval Towns on Eurasia's Transcontinental Trade Routes: Urban Centers of the Chu Valley and the Middle Volga Region ("Research" category);

8.               The Karakhanid Route to China: History of Sino-Turkic Relations (Publications category);

9.               International Archaeological School ("Seminars, conferences, trainings" category);

10.            Selungur - the most ancient monument of the history of material culture of Ferghana ("Publications" category);

11.            Publication of Russian translation of Taqi ad-Din al-Makrizi's "Kitab Igasat al-umma bi-kashf al-gumma" (Book to help believers to explain the causes of disasters) ("Publications" category);

12.            The International scientific symposium "Historical and cultural centrality of Central Asia and the heritage of large and small caravan roads" ("Seminars, conferences, trainings" category);

13.            Traditional headdresses and head jewelry of the Crimean Tatars. Evolution of the complex from the 17th century to the beginning of the 21st century. ("Publications" category);

14.            History of study of Dzhuchi-khan mausoleum ("Publications" category);

15.            Collection of scientific articles "Numismatics of Central Asia" ("Publications" category);

16.            Identification of key components of comprehensive heritage legislation – promoting the development of improved cultural heritage legislation in Central Asian countries ("Seminars, conferences, trainings" category);

17.            Fundamentals of genesis of ancient material culture in Uzbekistan ("Research" category);

18.            Promotion of the UNESCO Global Geoparks Program: Geological, Cultural and Natural Heritage ("Seminars, conferences, trainings" category);

19.            International Conference "Silk Roads by Land and Sea" ("Seminars, conferences, trainings" category);

20.            "Political and cultural genesis of medieval Kyrgyzstan and neighboring countries: problems of modern approach to study" dedicated to the 90th anniversary of orientalist O. K. Karayev ("Seminars, conferences, trainings" category);

21.            Buddhism in Pakistan: History, Archaeology, Art and Architecture - International Conference and Art Festival in Support of Social Cohesion and Interfaith Harmony ("Seminars, Conferences, Trainings" category);

The distribution of biannual grants on a competitive basis is one of the key activities of IICAS. The initiative was launched back in 1995 and continues to this day, bringing together members of the Academic Council and the staff of the IICAS Secretariat in an effort to select the best applications and provide practical assistance to scholars and researchers. Today, given the great diversity of topics and directions, IICAS groups the applications into three larger categories, including “Publications”, “Research”, and “Seminars, conferences, and trainings”.

IICAS sincerely congratulates the grantees and wishes them success in their research activities!