In memory of Viktor Zadvitsky

In memory of Viktor Zadvitsky

In memory of Viktor Zadvitsky

14/04 2021

Yesterday, April 13, 2021, Viktor Yuryevich Zadvitsky, a film director and a devoted friend of the International Institute for Central Asian Studies (IICAS), has passed away.

Viktor Yuryevich was a talented, caring person, who was keenly and sincerely interested in culture, art, and even more in the people who surrounded him.

He knew how to find a kind word and a funny joke for everyone, and thanks to his contagious buoyancy and optimism, a talk with him was always enjoyable.

He found a job he genuinely liked, worked with pleasure and excitement, and therefore his works brought aesthetic pleasure to the audience, which embraced a number of IICAS’s Facebook subscribers.

Viktor Yurievich was great at noticing the amazing in the most ordinary, at first glance, things ... The dusty edge of the road, the swaying of reeds, the murmur of a stream, the broken neck of an ancient jug, the tired smile of a horseman ... These pictures were gracefully woven by his hands into mysterious intricate plots, in which whole epochs came to life. Thanks to the works of Viktor Yuryevich, Great Otrar, Ancient Sygnak, Mysterious Juvara, centuries-old Kayalyk rose from oblivion ...

In his advanced years, Viktor Yuryevich did not leave the distance and continued to create, continued to admire life.

Viktor Zadvitsky will be remembered as a professional, the most gallant of men, an honest man and a true friend.

The Secretariat of IICAS expresses its condolences to family and friends.