Mongolian Academy of Sciences

Mongolian Academy of Sciences


The Mongolian Academy of Sciences (MAS) is an autonomous self-governing body for development and promotion of sciences in Mongolia. 

In 1275, the Great Khaan Khubilai established the first academic institution of the nation called “The Academy of Worthies”.  

Mongolia’s first Center of Modern Sciences was founded in 1921 when the government of newly independent Mongolia issued a resolution declaring the establishment of “The Institute of Literature and Scripts”.  This istitute have been expanded  its function, role and status in 1931 which named the State Committee of Science and Higher education.

The Committee was reorganized in 1961 by the Decree of the Presidium of the Great People’s Hural (Assembly) of the Mongolian People’s Republic; this was the foundation of the current MAS.

In 1996, The Mongolia Academy of Science officially defined its statutes by the “Law on the Legal Status of MAS” with 21 research institutes which were adopted by the Mongolian Parliament on May 23. 

The currently, Mongolian Academy of Sciences consists from 10 research institutes. 

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