Projects OF IICAS

Since 2010 IICAS has successfully implemented a number of research and applied science projects. The focus of projects ranged from documenting archaeological sites, developing free access to historic manuscripts, supporting inventory of artwork and studying intangible cultural heritage of Central Asia to performing Heritage Impact (HIA) and Condition Assessments and supporting international cultural initiatives. Geographically, the projects embraced not only Central Asia, but also Iran, Azerbaijan and a number of other states.

IICAS actively continues to expand its network of partners and explores a number of new strategic research areas. In particular, the Institute in cooperation with the University College London, UK and with financial support from the Arcadia Fund is creating a comprehensive geo-referenced database of heritage sites. Heritage Impact Assessments of a number of World Heritage properties and preparation of a dossier to nominate a number of cultural heritage properties to the World Heritage List are among other activities carried out by IICAS. The projects have become IICAS’s success stories largely due to the professionalism of experts, incredibly well coordinated teamwork and the pursuit of excellence.