Over the 23 years of its existence, the Institute has issued more than 60 scientific publications that have become the result of the scientific and research activities of the Institute. In addition, IICAS has been publishing the journal IICAS for more than 10 years. The journal is published twice a year in Russian and English, and is on the list of the Higher Attestation Commission of Uzbekistan. All publications of the Institute are distributed free of charge and are available to everyone. IICAS, independently or in cooperation with UNESCO, organizes international scientific conferences in which dozens of leading scientists from Central Asia and the world have already taken part. Many of the IICAS publications are bilingual and are prepared in English and Russian.

Atlas of Central Asia artistik crafts and trades. Vol. I. Uzbekistan

ISBN: -; Era: *; Country: ; Key words: Central Asia, atlas, craft, Uzbekistan, trade;

The publication reflects the history of development and the current state of affairs in Uzbek folk artisanship. On the basis of great ethnographic and archive material, the authors give an account of such traditional crafts, as pottery, brass embossing, jewellery, woodcarving, wooden utensils production, alabaster carving, mural painting, papier-mache painting and others. Great attention has been paid to the production of national music instruments, carpets, decoration materials, leather goods and knives. The book contains a detailed analysis of decorative embroidery with gilded laces, one of the most striking examples of Uzbek folk art. The book is written in English and is well illustrated with color and b/w photos of today as well as of 19-20 centuries. This publication is the first volume in a series devoted to folk arts and crafts of Central Asian people.

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